Nutrition Training

£400.00 plus VAT

Our international nutritionist will train you on providing nutritional advice, nutrition scans and understanding blood profiles.

Carla speaks at international conferences on nutrition and taking control of your health. She also has her own TV show in Lebanon.From healthy eating plans to helpful weight loss tools, find the latest diet news and information and reach your goals with Carla.

Carla’s consulting services also include:

  • Customized Seminars and Workshops

  • Recipe and Menu Development

  • Corporate Talks & Consulting

  • Health Education and Wellness Consulting

  • Team Sports Nutrition Consulting

  • Health Communications Consulting

  • Our latest FDA & CE approved innovative test that uses spectrophotometry to measure minerals, trace elements and heavy metals toxicity in your body to design efficient detox and supplementation programs based on individual needs, whether for a weight loss or simply a healthy living.

  • Carla's nutrition advice together with our other treatments such as IV infusion

Please click on this link to her website.

Or email to book an appointment with her during her next UK visit.

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